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    Our Products
  •   Access control systems
  •   Audio doorphones
  •   Color CCD cameras
  •   Mobile DVRs

George Tang Industrial Corporation

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Experienced Company Enjoying Success Worldwide
George Tang Industrial is an experienced manufacturer specializing in security and communication products, including mobile digital video recorders (DVRs) for vehicles, long-range cordless phones, wireless PBX systems, wireless door phone systems and GSM door phone systems. Our reputation for innovative design, large production capacity and a wide range of quality products has enabled us to enjoy success in markets worldwide.

We Continuously Create Innovative Products
With advanced technology, we have developed professional DVRs to be used for mobile, retail, home and commercial applications. We also supply optional accessories to ensure customers’ convenience. In addition, we produce OEM models to suit different user requirements. We also have a computer-savvy R&D team that is able to output more than five new designs a year. Their hard work has enabled us to obtain patents in the US, mainland China and Taiwan.

Performing Tests Using Advanced Equipment
We utilize advanced equipment such as spectrum analyzers, Marconi instrument radio test sets and digital scopes. All products undergo burn-in and field tests to ensure compliance to international standards. To meet market demands, we have begun designing standalone mini mobile DVRs. Browse our showroom for further product information or call us to find out more.

Our Products

  •  Access control systems
  •  Audio doorphones
  •  Color CCD cameras
  •  Mobile DVRs

Contact Details

George Tang Industrial Corporation
12F, No. 1 Chan-Chian
Miao Li
Miao Li
Taiwan 360
Tel: +886 (37) 266922 / +886 (37) 266949
Fax: +886 (37) 266768 / +886 (37) 266675
E-mail Address(es):
Homepage: http://www.globalsources.com/gticclt.co
Other Homepage Address: http://www.gtico.com.tw

Key Contact
Mr Tang George
Chairman & CEO

2nd Key Contact
Ms Lin Livia
Sales Manager

1st Branch Office Address
IVS Inc.
US Highway 84 West
Building 2
United States 36352
Tel: +1 (334) 6924600
Fax: +1 (334) 6924606
Mr Howard Richie

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