mobile dvr systems

Innovative & Reliable mobile video surveillance systems

Our stand-alone mobile DVR systems are one of the most advance mobile video surveillance systems. We offer 2, 4, 8 and 16 A/V channels system available. Our DVR systems has unique designed housing with vandal-proof and shock resistant. The DVR systems are using the SATA HDD and SD memory cards for storage.


Mobile ccd cameras

Innovative & Reliable mobile ccd surveillance cameras

Our mobile CCD cameras are specially designed for school buses, and public transit vehicle usage. We created the most durable and reliable mobile cameras for the mobile surveillance. We provide wide selection of cameras for different application. 



3G GSM Door Phone

Innovative & Reliable 3G GSM Door Phone System

Our 3G GSM door phones are specially designed for apartment buildings, hotels, offices and schools and single house usage. We created the most durable and reliable 3G GSM door phones for building entry security. We provide wide selection of models for different application.